St. Columcille Roster
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St. Columcille's Roster includes a large contingent of players from over the years; players who compete; players who join the ranks in parades and other private and public events.

We welcome new, intermediate and advanced pipers and drummers.

St. Columcille currently has 2 registered EUSPBA competitive bands in Grades 3 and 5.

If you wish to check us out or inquire about our band, feel free to reach out to us.
Pipe Majors - Events
Sean McGonigal
Kevin Murphy
Matt Glackin
Joe McGonigal
Bob Wade
George King
Useful Links
Pipe Instructors:
Sean McGonigal
Joe McGonigal
John Loiacono,
Kegan Sheehan

Drum Seargants:
John Massey
Joe Dooley, Jr
Online Metronome
Snare Drum Instructors:
John Massey
Ar Aghaidh le Ceol na nGael
Tenor/ Bass Instructor:
Lorna McGonigal
Forward the Music of the Gael
New Student Piping Instructors
Matt Glackin
George King
New Student Drum Instructors
Tom Leonard
Gary Manfriedi
Joe Dooley, Jr
Pipe Majors:
Sean McGonigal - Grade 3
Kevin Murphy - Grade 5
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New Student Snare Drum Instructors
Joe McGonigal
Tommy Leonard
New Student Tenor Instructors
Lorna McGonigal