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Competition Arena
St. Columcille is a member of the EUSPBA competition arena. Our Grade 3 and 5 "competition bands spend the fall and winter months learning new muusic and drum scores to prepare for the spring and summer competition seasons.

We have a busy competition schedule and travel throughout the Northeast to compete against other pipe bands. The band has even travelled abroad to compete in the World Championship in Scotland.

The competition circle doesn't stop there. We have several band members who compete Solo.

There is a special comradery that exists between our band members. We work hard but also enjoy our competition experiences.
Grades 3 and 5 are the 2017 Northeastern US Pipe Band Champions.
Grade 3 - 2017 Awards
Grade 5 - 2017 awards
Congratulations to our Solo competition players !
Left: Steve Pack
Steve plays with the Grade 5 band and also competes in grade 4 solo competitions where he has won numerous times in 2017.
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Right: Drew Mullins
Drew plays with the Grade 5 band and also competes in grade 5 solo competitions where he has done very well in the winning circle over the past few years.
Bottom: Will King
Will plays with the Grade 3 drummers and has progessed in Solo competition earning 1st place wins.
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The bands have also won several other 2017 competitions throughout the season.
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