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Eastern United States Pipe Band Association Registered
In October 1949, Sean McGonigal founded a pipe band that he wanted to be different from
any other
Sean chose St. Columcille to represent
his ideal, the 'Unity of the Gael".
Sean expressed his goal in the band's motto:
Our Band has a long tradition of bringing class and grandeur to various public and private events

Ar Aghaidh le Ceol na nGael
--- “Forward the Music of the Gael" ---
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St. Columcille Keith O'Connor Award
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Ar Aghaidh le Ceol na nGael
Our competition bands are registered with the
Eastern United States Pipe Band Association and
compete from the Spring through the Fall months.
Saint Columcille United Gaelic Inc., of Kearny, draws its name from an Irish prince, warrior and scholar who became a priest to bring early Christianity to the Western Isles of Ireland and Scotland.
From the Isle of Iona, Columcille (521-597) helped spread faith, knowledge and culture throughout Europe.
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Forward the Music of the Gael
Grades 3 and 5
2017 Northeastern Pipe Band Champions
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